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The employed by L.Lee in 2011, founded Label "Leeloop-Records" exclusively with electronic genres, mixed with Brazilian extracts and gives them with the distinctive "LeeLoop" sound. In addition, a flowing, the ideas about how to listen to the music of the future, so that the productions that certain something and will ensure that every time they recognize. The focus of the productions of LeeLoop Records even stand, in which the electronic circuits scenes are already known. He is always looking for new ideas, is something that each production order and amazed again and again. The response of those people who know musically active, confirmed again and again that one observes Leeloop`s passion for electronic music. The electronic label provides creative musicians in the conservative, German-Brazilian space support in the production, mastering, marketing and sales.

Harmonie: Electronic, Minimal-/Deep-House, Elektro
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