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sean byron



//  Origin:  Falera, Schweiz
//  Genres:  Deep Electronica
//  Years Active:  2008 - Present
//  Dj & Produzent, writer and singer with Australia Passion
//  Label:  Leeloop Records, 



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Discovered my love of music and talent for it at an early age. 
Began playing the piano and trumpet to the album “Minute by Minute” by the “Doobie Brothers” which my dad played all the time.
This experience inspired me to become a musician with complete commitment for the rest of my life!
As a teenager i sang and rapped for funk bands moving on to write my own material and songs. Mixing all the sound styles i have always loved.
The discovery of 'technological music' gave me opportunities to explore 
new forms of musical persuasion taking the audience and myself into sonic ecstasy!


Set List


Tech Rider




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