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//  Origin:  Schweiz, Zürich
//  Genres:  Techno, Deep House
//  Years Active:  1995 - Present
//  Dj & Produzent
//  Label:  Leeloop Records, Leeloop Fanatix

We wrote the year 1994 as a young dj turn of the endless wide tabular universe was born. He stubbornly fought his way through the vinyl-mountains to the radiant winner to come out of the bass out carpet ...

forgotten are the numerous adventures to partys and Events. Galactik with House and Techno DJ Pascal combines the international prosperity and kidnapped them to distant worlds ...

To day search for universal sound, he goes into the studio or meeting organized interstellar.Thanks to his groove, he is all the galaxies in the international association founded, where he spread harmony and infinite Tanzwut!

may the beat be with you ...

Pascal prospers career began, like many other djs in his hometown Rorschach Switzerland. Together with friends, he opened a youth disco, where he had fourteen years experience as the first "dj" made. Some years later (1994) he began under the name of "Mephisto" with vinyl trance and progressive lay on.

He quickly made friends with the rotating plate, where his years of experience as a drummer certainly benefited!

with increasing experience has focused on the more progressive sound pascal and also began to play techno.

In 1997 he played for the first time in Germany. Thanks to the success of the Swiss-nights, he was now increasingly booked into the near Borderland.

In this year grew interested in pascals pumpin 'house. From then on he played detroit, progressive and house.

The first bookings in Zurich - probably the "scene-stronghold" in Switzerland - followed in 1998. in various clubs, bars and at events he was able to be the best ...

In the year 1999 after he moved back a bit again. He started under the new name-dj pascal prosper in the year 2000 all over again.

With groovy beats, he reported back impressively and being booked ...

More reports after a work-related break in pascal prosper at the end of the year 2004 in the club life back again!


Together with Ernestito truth and he revived under g psychodelica in the nightlife ...

psychodelica climax of the series is the collaboration with private-fiction.


In the year 2011 he is the co-founder of ig Tanznatur which incites St.Galler underground-scene!

Besides, he is now a working for

Pascal Prosper

Pascal Prosper

Pascal Prosper
Vancaniga - Bergheimer (Pascal Prosper ATMOS MIX) (Leeloop Fanatix Records) Techno

Vancaniga - Bergheimer (Pascal Prosper ATMOS MIX) (Leeloop Fanatix Records) Techno

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Leeloop Couch mit Pascal Prosper

Leeloop Couch mit Pascal Prosper

Video abspielen
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